Trust Fund Financial Reporting

The following table is sorted by fund symbol.

Monthly Financial Reports
Fund Symbol Trust Fund Name Report Type
75X8004 Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Final Draft
75X8005 Federal Hospital Insurance Final Draft
28X8006 Federal Old Age and Survivors Insurance Final Draft
28X8007 Federal Disability Insurance Final Draft
69X8102 Highway Consolidated Final Draft
69X8103 Airport and Airway Final Draft
16X8144 Black Lung Disability Final Draft
68X8145 Hazardous Substance Superfund Final Draft
70X8147 Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Safety Final Draft
68X8153 Leaking Underground Storage Tank Final Draft
75X8175 Vaccine Injury Compensation Final Draft
70X8185 Oil Spill Liability Final Draft
20X8207 Lower Brule Sioux Wildlife Restoration Final Draft
20X8209 Cheyenne River Sioux Wildlife Restoration Final Draft
20X8625 Gulf Coast Restoration Final  
96X8861 Inland Waterways Final Draft
96X8863 Harbor Maintenance Final Draft
96X8217 South Dakota Wildlife Restoration Final Draft
9510/198299 Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Final Draft

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