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2000 Federal Register Items (January - December)

The Federal Register is a daily publication used to provide notice of proposed or final changes to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), including the regulations of the Bureau of the Public Debt. The Federal Register is also used to provide other important information or requests for information. The most important items relating to the Bureau of the Public Debt published in the Federal Register from January 2000 through December 2000 are listed below. You will leave this site if you choose to access these Federal Register publications.

Some of these publications are in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). Many computers include the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which allows you to view PDF files. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, it is free to download and use.

2000 Federal Register Items (January - December)

November 3, 2000

Marketable Book-Entry Treasury Bills, Notes, and Bonds; Minimum Par Amounts required for STRIPS

Action: Final Rule

The Department of the Treasury is issuing in final form amendments to 31 CFR part 306 (General Regulations Governing U.S. Securities) and 31 CFR part 356 (Uniform Offering Circular for the Sale and Issue of Marketable Book-Entry Treasury Bills, Notes, and Bonds). The purpose of these amendments is to simplify and enhance market participants' ability to strip Treasury fixed-principal securities.

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(file size 122K, uploaded 06/18/09)

November 1, 2000

31 CFR Part 355 and 358 Fiscal Agency Checks and Book-Entry Conversion of Detached Bearer Coupons and Bearer Corpora; Final rule.

We rewrote the Regulations Governing Fiscal Agency Checks and Regulations Governing Book-Entry Conversion of Detached Bearer Coupons and Bearer Corpora, in plain language. We also made two changes in the regulations. We removed references to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as the processor for bearer corpora and coupons, and we eliminated the fees requirement for conversions.
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September 13, 2000

31 CFR Part 344 Department of the Treasury Circular, Public Debt Series No. 3-72; U.S. Treasury Securities, State and Local Government Series; Interim rule with request for comments.

We're publishing an interim rule amending the SLGS regulations to allow you to submit SLGS subscriptions over the Internet to the Division of Special Investments, Bureau of the Public Debt, Department of the Treasury and for plain language purposes.
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September 13, 2000

31 CFR Part 380 Payment of Federal Taxes Collateral Acceptability and Valuation; Final rule.

We're issuing this rule that governs the acceptability and valuation of all collateral pledged to secure deposits of public monies and other financial interests of the Federal Government under Treasury's three Fiscal Service collateral programs. This final rule provides a central location for the acceptability and valuation provisions for Treasury's collateral programs without substantive changes.
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January 19, 2000

Marketable Treasury Securities Redemption Operations

Action: Final Rule

The Department of the Treasury is issuing rules in Final form setting out the terms and conditions by which we may redeem outstanding, unmatured marketable Treasury Securities. We are establishing a new part in the Code of Federal Regulations for this purpose. Redemption operations ("buybacks") will help us better manage our financing needs, promote more efficient capital markets, and may lower financing costs for taxpayers.

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(file size 224K, uploaded 06/18/09)

January 13, 2000

31 CFR Part 317 Regulations Governing Agencies for Issue of United States Savings Bonds; Final rule.

We're amending 31 CFR part 317 to remove the restriction on non-federally chartered credit unions serving as issuing agents for United States savings Bonds. Currently, only federal credit unions are permitted to serve as issuing agents, although the paying agent regulations, found at 31 CFR part 321, have no such limitation. This amendment would provide that credit unions chartered or incorporated under state, territorial, District of Columbia, or Commonwealth of Puerto Rico law may also serve as issuing agents. This change will bring the issuing agent regulations in line with paying agent regulations as to credit unions.
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