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Alternative Method for Subscribing/Unsubscribing to Fiscal Service Mailing Lists

In the event your e-mail client does not open, or you are using an older browser that does not recognize the links on our Fiscal Service Mailing Lists page, you can subscribe or unsubscribe by e-mail as follows.

  • To subscribe, start a new e-mail message to: join-<listname> In place of <listname> use  the relevant list name below for the list you wish to join.
  • To unsubscribe, start a new e-mail message to: leave-<listname> In place of <listname> use  the relevant list name below for the list you wish to leave.
  • The subject line and body of the message should be empty.

See sample e-mail messages at the bottom of this page for subscribing and unsubscribing.

Mailing Lists

Mailing List Descriptions: List Name:
Auction Announcement Press Releases auction-announcements
Auction Results Press Releases auction-results
Auction Rule (Uniform Offering Circular) Amendments and Interpretations auction-rule-amendments-and-interpretations
Buyback Operations buyback-operations
Information about changes to auction data such as RSS feeds or XML structure. changes-to-auction-data
Collateral Programs collateral-programs
CPI Press Releases for Inflation-Indexed Securities cpi-index-ratios
Government Securities Act Rule Amendments, Interpretations and Exemptions gsa-rule-amendments-and-interps
Notification of Calls for Large Position Reports calls-for-large-position-reports
Savings Bond Updates Mailing List for customers savings-bond-information
Information for Financial Institutions financial-institutions
Employers payroll-and-hr-admin

Sample messages: