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Other Savings Bonds

Other series of Savings Bonds besides E Bonds have been offered through the years:

Series Issue Date
EE January 1980 - present
F and G May 1941 - April 1952
J and K May 1952 - April 1957
Savings Notes (Freedom Shares) May 1967 - October 1970
H June 1952 - December 1979
HH January 1980 - August 2004
I September 1998 - present

In 2002, the Series I bond became available in electronic (book entry) form, followed in early 2003 by the EE bond. Both can be purchased directly from the Treasury through the TreasuryDirect account system, which also offers most types of Treasury marketable securities.

Find additional information about the above-mentioned series or other issues of savings bonds in our Research Center.