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New Customers & Forms

New Accounts: Preparing to Invest

Legal authority, either from a statute or a treaty, is required for federal agencies to participate in the Federal Investments Program by investing in Government Account Series (GAS) securities.

To Set Up Treasury Account Symbols

Federal agencies with new investment authority should immediately contact their Office of Management and Budget (OMB) budget representative to get approval.

Next, contact the Bureau of the Fiscal Service’s (Fiscal Service) Budget Reporting Branch ( and Federal Investments and Borrowings Branch ( to provide:

  • A statement showing that OMB has approved the account(s).
  • The statutory authority
  • The agency and bureau needing the account
  • The type of fund
  • The proposed account title
  • The Investment Subclasses for the account: (88), (98), (75), and (76) or .2, depending on the type of fund being set up.

More information:

FedInvest Access Forms

Instructions for Completing FedInvest LogonID Request General Information Form

Bureau of the Fiscal Service FedInvest Logon ID Request General Information Form

System Access Administrator Form

Investment/Redemption Request Form

Investment/Redemption Request