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Savings Bond Pro® - Features

Savings Bond Pro has many features to help you and your customers.

For your customers, you'll be able to:

  • Redeem savings bonds
  • Print redemption receipts
  • Track savings bond interest (by year)
  • Print gift certificates

Also, you can:

  • Select a database type*
  • Use a MICR reader (to capture bond info)**
  • Download new values
  • Verify the bonds against a Treasury file of bonds that have been lost, stolen or never received.
  • Print redemption tables
  • Summarize 1099 data
  • Summarize transactions
  • Get free technical support

* Savings Bond Pro offers database choices during a server installation. You can select MS Access or MS SQL Server 2000 (or higher). If you opt to use SQL Server, you must already have the database structure in place.

** A Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) reader connected directly to your keyboard can capture the series, denomination, and serial number; just enter the issue date and Savings Bond Pro automatically prices the bond.