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Report of receivables from the No FEAR Act

Treasury manages the account 020 3112000, Reimbursements from federal agencies for payments made as the result of discriminatory conduct.

In the table further down this page, you can see the account balance for each agency.

Each agency is responsible for reviewing the balance for their agency every quarter and confirming to us (the Bureau of the Fiscal Service) that the balance is accurate.

Description of the account

When we pay from the Judgment Fund for a settlement under the Notification and Federal Employees Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002 (No FEAR Act), the agency must reimburse the Fund.

The receivable balance reported on this page for account 020 3112000 represents these unreimbursed payments.

The relevant law is: 5 CFR 724 - Implementation of Title II of the Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002-Judgment Fund.

Each agency's responsibility

At the end of each fiscal year quarter, we post a report for each agency of account 020 3112000:

  • the receivable balance (account 131000) – unreimbursed payments
  • the revenue balance (account 590000)

For the first three quarters of the fiscal year, you have 25 days from the end of the quarter to send us an email about the accuracy of the amounts recorded by Fiscal Service. (For the fourth quarter, because of year-end time constraints, your response is due about October 17th.)

If your agency wants us to make any changes to the balances posted, you must provide support documentation (IPACs, cancelled checks, and so on).

If your agency has an outstanding balance, you must give us a reimbursement schedule that includes the amounts and timing of your planned reimbursements.

We are required to post a listing every year of all agencies that have not complied with this responsibility along with the dollar amount of their noncompliance. OPM's current regulations for the No FEAR Act define noncompliance as an agency that does not, within 45 business days of being notified of an obligation, either reimburse the Judgment Fund or give us a written payment plan.

How to send a reimbursement

Send reimbursements through IPAC to ALC 20180002.

In the "Receiver Treasury Account Symbol" field, use 020 3112000.

In the "Receiver BETC" field, use COLUVRCT (Collection to an Unavailable Receipt Account).

On the IPAC, you must include the claim's

  • Payment ID/J number, and
  • Control/Z number

Table of current balances by agency

Table may scroll on smaller screens

(use the scroll bar on the right to see the entire table)

Partner Code
Agency Name 131000 Balance as of 03/31/2023 590000 Balance as of 03/31/2023
017 Department of the Navy 265,100.00 (585,100.00)
021 Department of the Army 305,913.21 (305,913.21)
057 Department of the Air Force 561,046.47 (352,500.00)
096 Corps of Engineers, Civil 0.00 (70,000.00)
097 Other Defense Agencies 82,500.00   (134,000.00)
Total Defense 1,214,559.68 (1,447,513.21)
012 Department of Agriculture 0.00 (156,500.00)
013 Department of Commerce 0.00 0.00
014 Department of the Interior 98,000.00 (183,500.00)
015 Department of Justice 15,041.46 (249,105.60)
016 Department of Labor 0.00 0.00
019 Department of State 0.00 0.00
020 Department of Treasury 0.00 0.00
027 Federal Communications Commission 0.00 0.00
028 Social Security Administration 20,000.00 (53,500.00)
036 Department of Veterans Affairs 630,000.00 (2,843,108.75)
045 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 47,000.00 (47,000.00)
049 National Science Foundation 0.00 0.00
068 Environmental Protection Agency 0.00 0.00
069 Department of Transportation 0.00 0.00
070 Department of Homeland Security 655,000.00 (568,000.00)
075 Department of Health and Human Services 0.00 (187,500.00)
080 National Aeronautics and Space 0.00 0.00
086 Housing & Urban Development 0.00 0.00
089 Department of Energy 0.00 0.00
090 Selective Service System 0.00 0.00
514 Agency for Global Media 0.00 (77,500.00)