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Report of unclaimed money

Treasury manages the Unclaimed Moneys account, 20X6133.

In the table further down this page, you can see the account balance for each agency.

Each agency is responsible for reviewing the balance for their agency every quarter and confirming to us (the Bureau of the Fiscal Service) that the balance is accurate.

Description of the account

The purpose of this account is to hold money that government agencies received from sources outside the Government in trust for rightful owners.

Therefore, items in account 20X6133 should represent only money which, when claimed, is unequivocally refundable.

Items cleared from your agency's uninvested trust, revolving, and deposit fund accounts for transfer to account 20X6133 must meet all four of these criteria:

  • The amount of the item is $25.00 or more.
  • When a refund is claimed, the refund would be absolutely justified.
  • There is no doubt as to legal ownership of the funds.
  • A named individual, business, or other entity can be identified with the item.

Each agency's responsibility

You must analyze your agency's uninvested trust, revolving, and deposit fund accounts every quarter to determine if the agency is holding unclaimed money that may be refunded to the depositor.

Every quarter, we (the Bureau of the Fiscal Service) post the balance by agency for account 20X6133.

We do not keep subsidiary ledgers. Your agency must keep subsidiary ledgers of money the agency is holding for rightful owners in account 20X6133. And your agency must also keep a file of paid disbursement vouchers as supporting documents for payments made from this account.

You must have those ledgers and supporting documentation to ensure that the balance in our table is accurate.

After we post the amounts for account 20X6133 each quarter, you have 30 days to tell us by fax or email about the accuracy of the amounts. If we do not have that fax or email from your agency 60 days after each quarterly posting, we will assume the amounts that we posted are correct.

If your agency wants us to make any changes to the balances posted, you must provide support documentation.

You must audit this account as part of your agency's internal audit program.

For further information: Volume I TFM 6-3000.

Table of current balances by agency

Federal Government agencies maintain accounting records of rightful owners of unclaimed moneys. For additional information, check our Frequently Asked Questions.