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HH Bonds interest rates

HH bonds earn interest until the first of these events: You cash in the bond or the bond reaches 20 years old.

Most HH bonds have already reached 20 years and have stopped earning interest. If you still have an HH bond, check the issue date. If that date is more than 20 years ago, the bond isn’t earning interest and you may want to cash it. See Cashing HH savings bonds

Some HH bonds will finish their 20-year life between now and 2024. If you have an HH bond that is still earning interest, the rest of this page is for you.

Current Rates

HH Bonds

per year, paid every 6 months

HH bonds earn a fixed rate of interest

The interest rate was fixed for the bond's first 10 years. We had the right to reset that interest rate on the bond's 10th anniversary for the bond's last 10 years.

All HH bonds that are still earning interest are in their last 10 years.

The interest rate of 1.5% per year is the current interest rate for all HH bonds that are still earning interest.

Interest payment dates depend on when we issued your HH bond

We pay the interest on your HH bonds directly to you every 6 months. The month depends on when we issued your bond.

If we issued your HH bond in We pay you interest on
January January 1 and July 1
February February 1 and August 1
March March 1 and September 1
April April 1 and October 1
May May 1 and November 1
June June 1 and December 1
July July 1 and January 1
August August 1 and February 1
September September 1 and March 1
October October 1 and April 1
November November 1 and May 1
December December 1 and June 1

At 1.5% per year, the interest is

If your bond is You get this amount in interest every 6 months
$500 $3.75
$1,000 $7.50
$5,000 $37.50
$10,000 $75.00

This interest goes directly to you. It does not get added to the value of the bond. The value of an HH bond never changes.

When you cash an HH bond, you are paid its face value. You cannot buy more HH bonds. But you can buy our other bonds – EE or I bonds. See Buying savings bonds.

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